On the Future of our Streets and Possible Speculation of Urban Space

The car industry is gradually constructing what can be defined the new urban revolution. Revolution for the shake it will bring to physical infrastructure, such as streets and freeways.

The driverless car is a mobile system based on learning machines. By storing data of the immediate surrounding, the driverless car behaves accordingly. Google and Apple are looking into it. Google  launched the Project Fi, which basically will trains form the whole physical real in a big search engine that  performs according to “search” queries.

Will we still need streets? Will we still be capable of enjoying public space?

If looking back at the car revolution, it introduced the concept of street, as we know it. Before streets were long piazza that people used to stroll around.

I am quite struggling to imagine what the future of our streets will be. Are we encountering another Modernist utopia, where pedestrian streets are divided from cars?

Are we going to make street as underground tunnel? As it already exists in Masda smart city?

The kind of economical shift  driverless cars will create at the scale of the city and territory will be probably a domino one, which will unfold consequences that might be heading to a plethora of effects. Nevertheless I reckon would be good to spend time to understand routes that divert from private funding and speculation and lead towards the construction of the 2.0 space.

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