The Portrait of the Everyday

In 1930s the Italian design magazine “Casabella” had special reportages, which intended to teach Italians  technology through the everyday spaces of the city. The reportage were called “La Città che si Rinnova”, author Edoardo Persico.

Persico, indeed, strolled around the streets of Milan and Turin taking pictures of shops, cafe, restaurants that used any kind of technological innovation available at that time. The author’s main intent was to give physical examples of technology-aided life.

The Internet of Things main understanding is placed on the threshold between a geeky tool and an everyday device that can “help” us to monitor our life through our home. Nevertheless to describe smart objects as part of our ordinary is still quite a statement.

Here it comes the help of Open House. Open House is a retail store in San Francisco that, with the support of Target, will help to bring the Internet of Things in the everyday. How does it work?


Smart Objects will be not sitting on a display. They will interact with visitors. The space will be an interactive environment, whose actors are the geeky things, called smart objects. Of course the performed plot is how life can be if these expensive gadgets can enter the space of your home.

I am quite interested to understand what is really the story; if Persico, i.e. the storyteller, was a literature critic with the passion for architecture, what can Target, a multinational American retail company, can tell us about the Internet of Things?

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