Praising Public Hybrid Space

I recently gave a talk at the Scene Gallery , “The Elegy of Public Space”, where I described the effects that our individual experience of the virtual bring to the physical. The talk pivots around the “shared” experience of space through the language and symbolism of maps and their territorial sovereignty they exert in physical space. The Internet works through private corporations that make profit out of people’s behaviour. What we “like”, “share” and browse becomes index of attention that deroutes our spatial experience of virtual reality. Even if we think we are “free” to take decisions, our “decisions” are preselected by advertisement, suggestions, pop ups dectected through cookies.

What does it happen to physical space?

As we shape knowledge by layering out information, we define patterns of behaviour on the base of past experience. The common knowledge of assuming that the private administrates the space of the digital is being reflected to the physical. We simply stretch in a “natural” way that space is private, yes the virtual.. But is it not also the real? We can’t forget that space, as we perceve it, is hybrid. Space it is an in-between physical and virtual.

To claim the right to dwell the “Common” is not limited to the physical. It does need to start from the real. Our citizenship is hybrid. We are citizens of the hybrid real. Let’s work together to make it a space to dwell.

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