Manifesto for an Accelerationist Politics (MAP) #ACCELERATE MANIFESTO

The emergence of hybrid realities made clear the problematic condition of public space. Does still exist under the terms we traditionally understand it?

Antonio Negri ‘s Accelerate Manifesto makes some interesting points by looking at the crisis, and evolution, that capitalism is currently facing. Indeed by making labour free, hence creating the condition for cognitive labour, it is triggered an acceleration of capitalism that creates the environment for labour’s territorial re-appropriation by means of networks.

Cognitive labour makes “anthropological economy”, based on human behaviour’s analysis, under control by “means” not production; capitalism then becomes a production of interaction and organisation, network and democracy.

Hence what needs to happen to unfold cognitive labour is the shift from materiality to the infrastructure of communication, that is trigger of production. Under this condition technology is no longer substrata of “anthropologic capitalism” but the infrastructure that allows cognitive labour to create platforms of communication and surplus value, which is product of the cooperation among parts. Under this light we understand how information technology plays an important role, as trigger for these phenomena, and how automation, through algorithms and machines, is vital for such processes.

At this point for social hyerarchies territorial organisation and spatial distribution (or logistic in Negri’s word) of information are pivotal to trigger social relations (then public spaces). The distribution of networks in space are the territorial infrastructure that triggers new kind of spaces capable of supporting the 2.0 society, as much as the market piazza made possible the society of commons during the Middle Age.

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