In this short video for “The Guardian” Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek analyses the concept of freedom from multiple point of views: politics, economy, society and technology.

What is freedom for us? Is it the possibility to choose milk flavoured with strawberry, banana, cinnamon, chocolate,vanilla, cherry, mango, ginger, etc…??

Is it a freedom of choice?

Well in a society where “Likes” are monitorised to regulate what you might “Like” next, which nevertheless creates a loop, can freedom be really the possibility of choice? Can freedom be related and linked to the consumeristic everyday life?

From this point Žižek makes a sharp point; the comparison between freedom with love, i.e. the act of falling for someone, which entails a continuous negotiation to create a certain degree of compatibility with our partner’s life, makes a good example of freedom.

According to Žižek freedom is not the possibility to live in a consistent anarchic state, where we are “free” to do exactly what our mind tells us, but to understand the surrounding and negotiate with it.

Freedom is based on a certain degree of entropy, which makes us adjust to any current conditions.

This specific skill makes us free, i.e. we are able to find our own “freedom” within any kind of event that our life might give to us.

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