The Reflected City

Recently I watched a documentary at the Barbican Centre about Los Angeles: “Los Angeles Plays Itself”. The main reason I decided to go was a mixture of melancholy and curiosity. My expectations have been met indeed . During my first year in “LA” I lived in Downtown and I had the very European idea to walk around my neighbour, which was 9th and Broadway, Spring, Main then 3rd or 2nd street towards the Art District. Weirdly enough for the context, walking around has been for me the best and favourite way to catch up details of what was happening around me. I re-experienced those days by watching the documentary. It is odd to think that Downtown has been for years the least fashionable part of the city; if you are in LA, Downtown is not on the top of your must-see list. However Downtown LA is LA. The movie industry has been and is part of the everyday scenario. While walking you continuously question if the firefighter crossing the street is “real” or an actor, if homeless is really homeless and so on.. LA is one of the most “represented city” of the world, no doubt. Nevertheless if on one hand representation is part of the culture of the city,  Downtown is one of the best expression of it. Next in LA, forget Hollywood Blvd, go to Downtown and walk around.

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