Exhibiting What?

In the midst of data based information a recursive question has been spinning around among museum lovers: what does it mean “exhibiting” when any kind of “representable” thing of this world is accessed through the ubiquitous medium of the Internet?

Experts from any different field engaged in such debate have been 360 questioning the “meaning” of representation to try to find out a new approach and move to the 2.0 age of representation.  Nevertheless “displaying” has been a necessity which hit artists since they left the luxiourius palaces of their mecenati, who were happily keen of paying artists’ fees to be literally sculptured for the eternity.

Nevertheless contemporary art moved forward and beyond the constrained space of a gallery to create spaces (or no-spaces) that happily match the language of the work of art.

Indeed the crisis doesn’t concern art as such, but those agents involved in the art market, who are media between art – which keeps on going following its own route – and viewers, who find themselves sometimes engaged with art. So the questions can be phrased as follows:

How can we, art media, engage the public in a world overwhelmed by images and information?

A couple of years ago I find myself engaged in such a debate, by participating to an architectural competition asking for another museum. Indeed I thought to rephrase the question and I asked myself: “Why people should go to museum?” The answer was for me clear; art is a social vehicle, whose role is to display the Real via different visual vehicles than the expected ones. So I thought to use AG as a guideline to navigate the space of any gallery. At the same time AG is also interface for connecting the gallery in space and time the to the social, political and technological environment where the work takes place. In other words the app explains that art is not an aesthetic image to be actioned, but an expression of a specific social context that simply points out ,and rephrases, questions to be addressed to the public.

May it be a possible route for solutions?

C:Art displaying Ed Ruscha exhibition at the LACMA, Los Angeles

C:Art displaying Ed Ruscha exhibition at the LACMA, Los Angeles

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