The #Gamification of Life

Since technology has been taking over our lives through smart phones, tablets and similar, another element is increasingly spreading around: VR game.

In the traditional sense, games help the self to construct the form of the surrounding, by engaging imagination and fantasy, which takes us along the reification of the surrounding for rest of our life.

Nonetheless VR games have an extra feature, the engagement factor. The engagement factor overwhelms our sense to the extent of detaching ourself from the real, i.e. the surrounding space that wraps out body. In other words our mind starts traveling through a parallel dimension than our body.

I am wondering which can be the consequence of VR games when used to get knowledge of the surrounding, which kind of “surrounding” are we talking about?

I am personally bit confused??? Which is the experience of “space” when walking around? What is space? Are we becoming data producer entities?

I believe that the “gamification” of life issue should address such questions when proposing brilliant new ideas.

Am I too skeptical?

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