Colours and architects

Colours belong to the “difficult” topics of architecture.

Although schools make efforts to grow architects as new versions of the “Renaissance man”, i.e. the man capable of mastering earth’s knowledge, they seem not to provide love and passion for colours – which also means materials – unless few exceptions. It is not a case that in architecture black is for clothing and white is for building; make it in plaster, marble, powder coated aluminium.. it must be White.

Nevertheless people love colours; people love to “paint” their home with objects that can express their identity and give shape to the external part of their bodies, i.e. space, the interior space of their home. In other words colours are somehow the popular cultural representation of a particular society.

The Guardian published a series of pictures, which are extraordinary. It looks like Le Corbusier met Robert Venturi; finally Modernism merges Postmodernism, by getting riddle of their mutual “stylistic” axiom.

These Indian movie theatres pictured by Haubiz+Zoche are not “shells” or “ducks” but a harmonic postmodern modernism.

What does impress me of these buildings is the will to go beyond the “skin”, which has been for years field of debate for architects. The ornamental quality is not given by a pattern that wraps around, but a narrative that augments the movie-lovers’s experience of the projected story, without any use of 3D effects.

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