On the Loss of Identity

In 1924 Luigi Pirandello writes a novel , “Il Fu Mattia Pascal“, whose protagonist – Mattia Pascal – is believed dead by mistake.

Besides the shock and the attempt to tell anyone that he is still alive, Mattia recognises that the loss of his identity is a tabula rasa of mistakes and bad decisions from his previous life; hence a challenge to start from scratch a new life.

Since last Monday I am being mourning the loss of my 7 years Gmail account. My memories, in the good and bad side, are gone. A hacker took a big chuck of my life. 

I am looking at Mattia and try to see, as he did, a new challenge for the loss,

but somehow I can’t move on.

The thought of my past,

gone without any kind of souvenir,

makes me still sick.

After all Mattia needs to kill his new identity, Adriano Meis, because he doesn’t have a past………… 

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