The Eye of the Director

I recently visited the London Royal Academy of Arts exhibition, which celebrates the early photographic career of Dennis Hopper.

Since I left Los Angeles I am being collecting a positive malinconia that wanted me to experience the city, with other spaces, from the eye of the “Easy Rider” director. Indeed the three rooms that display his work has been a journey, but an unexpected one.

Hopper was part of a creative circle, which embraced the West and East US coast, that allowed him to meet artists like Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg or Ed Ruscha.


Dennis Hopper at Royal Academy of Arts © Dennis Hopper Courtesy of the Hopper Art Trust

It has been interesting to see how Hopper collected, and reinterpreted, through photography the influence of such artists. From the interiors of his house to the little obsession of picturing details of teared advertisement posters or the Standard petrol stations, Hopper’s work appears like a sequence that, on one hand, pins point the American landscape details that inspired art and, from the other one it portrays the connection between US culture and art at that time. For the latter the exhibition takes a value, which is more than displaying work, as it becomes an engaging experience for visitors crowding the space.

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