The Form of Democracy in the 2.0 society

In “On  The PoliticalChantal Mouffe describes new possible routes for democracy by opposing the concept of agonism against antagonism; according to such relation she advocates social participation to politics, which happens through channelling people’s passions, expectations and desires, i.e. the matter of the political.

Nevertheless these last past years have been characterised by the crisis of the current form of democracy, which has been mainly altered by the crisis of capitalism and by the social innovations introduced by digital technologies.

Although it might seem that the empire of the Internet is dominated by oligarchic high-tech enterprieces, who exert their territorial sovereignty via the entitlement of social innovation, it is emerging a different route, which is rerouting the current trend by engaging the public, as Chantal Mouffe advocates in her books. Hacking and DIY might appear to be the new form of 2.0 democracy, as capable of interfacing politics oligarchy with the complexity of the political.

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