Right to be remembered


It has been around for a while the fact that in Europe you are entitled to be forgotten by asking Google to delete the link in its index, which allows to perform any kind of search. The actual web page is not deleted, but the link that allows any user to find the information is.

Is it censorship?

As reported in The Guardian this is censorship for a simple reason: to suppress the system by which we access information equals to suppress the information. Because of how 2.0 society works, which is basically based on web search that gives anybody the access to information in a tree like structure, deleting the link is deleting information.

I am surprised how such action has not been carefully investigated by Google, as each case needs individual understanding. I am surprised how much zealously naive such action has been taken. If on one hand the European law pursued the protection of individual citizens’ privacy , it looks that it is more defending the interests of those in need to be remembered.

I hope that from this case onwards the concept of privacy against “right to know” will be taken more carefully.

3 thoughts on “Right to be remembered

  1. Actually it is not censorship as a link is not “speech”. Moreover the measures in which Google “suppresses” information (which must be false, out-dated or posted by a 3rd person who by his actions invades another person’s privacy) are not particularly great; they simply disable some links from a specific combination of search terms. The information is still there and it is easy to access by anyone through other search terms or engines.

    • I believe that what “speech” means in the 2.0 society is the riddle of this debate. I am aware that Google contains both accurate and questionable information, but is all part of the cauldron that defines the way we access information. Such “cauldron” is for me the form of “speech” in the social network age, i.e. the tree structure that connects together different kinds of information related to a particular subject, about which you might get trues or falses. If Google disables links the plethora of information is lost, which enable to form a personal ideas. What concerns me is the superficiality to envisage the “bigger picture”.

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