Public Space: spikes and anti-skate benches

Recent news talked about “spikes” emerging from London pedestrians to contain, or better deter, the use of ‘public’ pavement from homeless actions.

Similarly the Camden Council commissioned a series of ‘public’ benches, which apparently block any kind of graffiti and skateboard action. I am sure that the young men interviewed in this video didn’t get it. Apparently there is a supposed-to-be use of public, which is allowed, and a do-not-even-think-about it behaviour.

On the opposite hand the public sphere of the social media still allows to entertain a tiny bit more of freedom of expression, which can get the way around of some political restrictions and perforate the wall of ‘represented’ lies that surround us, which are sometimes made of the same stone of Camden benches.

My hope is that sometime in the next future the digital breach of the wall of lies (or Ideology as Slavoj Žižek might call it) can also perform within the space of the realm public domain.

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