Bignami knowledge

The Economist published an article about the emerging profession of the “explainer”, i.e. somebody whose job is describing what things mean. To some extent I can understand why such profession is taking over the 2.0 Society. Information runs too fast and things get obsolete equally fast. If you don’t get a continuous and never ending update you might get lost in the Cloud of data.

Apple at its WWDC14 opened up to developers to create new visual and easy catching technology so that users can more easily and intuitively interact with the Cloud of Data without even knowing it.

When I was at school and I didn’t have time, and will, to study and properly research something, I would have the option to go for a Bignami, which basically makes abstracts of any kind of knowledge known in this world. Of course I knew it was a rough abstract, which didn’t offer me anything else that a brief and quick info, far away from anything close to “learning” and “knowledge”.

Is our society going towards the Bignami direction?

Will knowledge be just an oligarchic entity reserved for those that want to try a little more to understand what happens everyday?

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