Parallel Thresholds



Saatchi Gallery, Pangaea, 2 April – 31 August 2014


Francis Bacon liked the idea that a viewer can interact with his painting via the glass mounted on a heavy frame; the reflection of the self on the glass allows anybody to enter a kind of different reality, as portrayed by Bacon. Hence paintings are no longer still depictions, but different dimensions travelling parallel to the viewer’s real to which he/she can access via its reflected self.



Since learning such fascinating technique of interaction, I started taking pictures of my reflected self appearing in different realities, as portrayed, or pictured, by the author. Every time I changed subject and context in order to understand which kind of real I can enter, and make, by means of my presence in the painting, photograph or any kind of reflecting surface adopted for artistic purposes.

It is interesting that your presence in the author’s flat represented real somehow animates it, by extending its presence in a specific space, any space, to different kinds of parallel dimensions to which oneself belongs to .



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