Mystic realities

In 1935 Carlo Belli urged to look at the real mystically, i.e. to look at the real beyond its phenomenal appearance for is noumenal content.

Our lives are designed so that perception loops around quick sights. Thoughts, social communication and dwellings are limited to the realm of the ‘Few Words’. This ‘processed’  reality lays on the pivotal value of axioms, or ideals by which we read the real.

Ideals are mirrors of the self, which pre package in small bags pieces of the real so that we can easily swallow it without too much effort.

Slavoj Žižek is capable of giving us a great picture of this ‘processed real’ through his pop vision,

which unfolds and unravel the mesh to give us the possibility to gain a mystical look.

Will be performance the Other glasses by which we break ideals?


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