It is just my face

In these days Sochi is under the media eye, also for the Olympics … besides other traveling details.

In The Guardian Architectural Blog Oliver Wainwright tells about the ‘Selfie Pavilion’ where RGB- LED lights changes the flat facade into the volumetric shape of your gigantic 3D face. People can have an interactive souvenir of themselves. They didn’t just went to Sochi to see the Olympics, they had the experience of being part of the Olympic entertainment.

Cool, what I am wondering is,

where all these data will go?

The pavilion is sponsored by a mobile phone giant, which, by definition, already posses tons of people information, which now can perfectly match face detection technologies..

I do hope that techno and human right lawyers will start soon to issue data protection rights, else our society will be just a big performance orchestrated by multinational enterprises.

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