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Playtime makes you wonder through a dark space where glowing overlapping images engage you in the projected story by letting you decide how you want to see it. Different details are placed in the space so that you can’t see them altogether. This cinematic performance doesn’t give you rest; you have, and want, to follow what’s going on.

For its multi sensorial form of experience Playtime makes your body physically react to the projected content, which, per se, portrays a paradox.

Art is one of the strongest pulse that makes money and its market perfectly matches capitalist logics.

What is art? What is capitalism?

According to David Harvey Capitalism is like gravity, you can’t see it but you feel it.

Where this crisis is heading to? Which hopes, desires and passions we have left?

The sequence of videos, from the ground floor ephemeral academic utopia to the first floor tangent reality, give you the opportunity to take time to see what happened to our society since October 2008.

In Latin  word “crisis” means transition.

Is the crisis of the Capital a phenomenological effect of the broken order that run our society since Modernism?

Isaac Julien gives us time to think about it.

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