Gehry Effect

Gehry is going to build a skyscrape for Berlin’s Alexanderplatz.

The interesting point is that the attention is no longer given to the ‘extravagant building’

but to the ‘extravagant architect’.

Architectural celebrities do not need any longer another iconic building,

we’re good on i, the brand is enough.

I am a little bit concerned about the future of architectural ethics.

The ‘Bilbao Effect’ can be renamed with ‘Gehry Effect’,

who cares about the building!

So welcome to the Post-Contemporary age of iconic architects,

maybe sometimes in the future architecture will come back as main topic



Homo shopping

The next step in the evolution scale will be:


Whether his ancestors were described for the ability of improving life by refining the use of brain cells

the homo shop’s main activity is randomly buying stuff

to accomplish the 2.0 economics’ desire of sovereignty of digital and real public space

On Democracy

The crisis of current economy struggling with a political lack of control (and understanding) of new emerging systems from the Third Industrial Revolution seems to make the point that democracy is merely a concept not a reality.

Politics is now made by those, like Google, that invest on understanding the new hybrid real by producing ‘learning machines‘, that can trigger controlled random data.

To open a Facebook page or use Twitter is not the point of the 2.0 society.

It seems to me that we are constrained within a space created by those that pretend to entertain us through technology – triggering consumerist culture, desire and interests (TED for instance) and those that need these forms of entertainment to define a bottom up control society, isn’t it an inverted form of politics?